Katali Editions


At present, all Kaja-Disk recordings are released on professionally produced CD-r formats.  All disks come in hand-printed gate-fold card cases.

Purchasing CDs

You can purchase CDs directly through the website using the 'buy now' button for the relevant CD on  the releases pages.  This will then take you to Paypal's secure site.  Alternatively, you can buy using Paypal direct by sending payments through to alfiecooke@aol.com .  Please ensure to use the message box to let us know which CD you require and your address details.  

CD prices include worldwide shipping.

Please note that due to occasional glitches, the prices on the sight may appear in dollars.  Please ensure when making your payments that the price is listed in £.

The current price for all CDs is £6.00

CDs are available for purchase through the online store page.  http://www.katali-editions.co.uk/kaja-disk-cdr-releases.php

Below is a list of the current catalogue.

KJCD001 - Free Jazz-Forms: Alfie Cooke

KJCD002 - To Bill Dixon: New Sound Ensemble

KJCD003 - (in preparation... still)

KJCD004 - (in preparation... still)

KJCD005 - The Barley Mow: The Poulter-Cooke Duo

KJCD006 - coming soon

KJCD007 - coming soon

KJCD008 - Transmissions: Experimental Broadcast Unit

KJCD009 - coming soon

KJCD010 - In The Kitchen: Alfie Cooke