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 All books published by Katali Editions, as well as art prints, photographs and postcards, can be purchased through our online store.  Prices quoted include postage worldwide.  Payments are handled through PayPal's secure service.  If you have problems accessing PayPal through oursite, you can use order materials directly by making a payment to alfiecooke@aol.com.  Please ensure that you send us an email with your address so that we know where to send your goods.  At present we do not have any other payment methods, but when we do we will put up a notice here.

Below is a list of the current Katali Editions catalogues for both music and non-music related books.  Items in the shop are listed in these sections by their catalogue number.


 'Filaments of Chaos - The follow up to Alfie Cooke's prose-poem 

'The Disposable Actions of a Purgatory Love'.



KEP0001:  Beginning Free Improvisation - Alfie Cooke

 KEP0002: Songbook Volume 1 - Alfie Cooke

KEP0003: Music from Within a Rogue Nation - by Alfie Cooke 

KEP0004: Symphony No. 1 'Blues Adagio' (full score)  - Alfie Cooke 

KEP0006: 7 Pieces for Solo Saxophone - Alfie Cooke

KEP0007: Sonata for Flute and String Quartet - Alfie Cooke 



KEP0005: Fragments of a Memory: The Art of Annie Poulter - Alfie Cooke 

KEP0008: The Ethics of Revolutionary Buddhism - Alfie Cooke 

KEP0009: Unknown Languages - Alfie Cooke 

KEP0010: Derelict Voice(s) - photographs - Katherine Cooke 

KEP0011: The Disposable Actions of a Purgatory Love - Alfie Cooke