Katali Editions

Here at Katali Editions, we recognise that very few people like to try out something new without at least having some idea of what they're getting themselves into.  And so, in the interests of letting you know what we produce and what the music sounds like, we have decided to make some samples of our material available.

As we add more music to our catalogue, we will be adding more sound files and, as more material comes our way to be published, we will try to make some of it available as jpeg or pdf files for free.


 Graphic Scores

Our first offering is a series of graphic scores composed by Alfie Cooke. The jpeg files 013-015 are part of a series called "Monochromatic".  There are unusual for Cooke in that they don't use any colour (hence the title).

013.jpg 013.jpg
Size : 2081.761 Kb
Type : jpg
014.jpg 014.jpg
Size : 2061.419 Kb
Type : jpg
015.jpg 015.jpg
Size : 3310.45 Kb
Type : jpg
Symphony No. 2: South of Somewhere
Symphony No. 2 is a twelve page score composed by Alfie Cooke.  It is described as a 'symphonic' work but allows for any combination of instruments for performance.
Symphony No 2 - South of Somewhere.pdf Symphony No 2 - South of Somewhere.pdf
Size : 11371.941 Kb
Type : pdf

 Symphony No. 3: Against Austerity

This is a new graphic score composition by Alfie Cooke, written for improvising orchestra. 

Symphony No 3 - Against Austerity.pdf Symphony No 3 - Against Austerity.pdf
Size : 2995.014 Kb
Type : pdf


The first selection comes from the debut album by the New Sound Ensemble "to Bill Dixon".

of places of things.mp3

 These two selections are culled from the initial tapes of Alfie Cooke's "Breath" project.  As yet unreleased, they feature him playing a series of baritone saxophone solo pieces.

Part D - Funk Punk and Take No Prisoners.mp3

Part G - ballade - brotzmann on the edge of sorrow.mp3

"Come Round Here" is taken from the Transmissions album by the Experimental Broadcast Unit. 

Come Round Here.mp3